Since announcing my campaign for Mayor of Greenwood, South Carolina, I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support shown to me. Many of you have graciously offered your time and resources to my campaign, and I am humbly appreciative. I certainly invite you to share with me your time and ideas regarding how we can continue to make Greenwood a special place to live.

However, I know that I have been and will continue to be blessed more than I deserve. That is why I would ask that those wishing to contribute do so in a way that is a bit different. In lieu of contributing to my campaign, I would ask you to donate to a local charity/non-profit or your church and do so in support of my campaign. If you are comfortable doing so, I would ask that you or the non-profit share the fact that you made such a donation on any responsible social media outlet- not to boast about your philanthropy but to inspire others. Hopefully, we can create something of a movement that can serve as a refreshing change in politics, while improving the community that I seek to lead.

We have many wonderful non-profits in Greenwood County that work tirelessly and selflessly to make our community a better place by supporting and advocating for animals, anti-littering, anti-violence, the arts, children, economic development, education, the elderly, history, recreation, and safety- just to name a few. In addition, the United Way of Greenwood and Abbeville Counties supports 21 partner agencies that provide health and human services. Should anyone need specific direction as to where to give, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am excited to watch this charitable giving take off.

Finally, please know that I am thoroughly enjoying this campaign experience and how it allows me the opportunity to discuss in depth and understand issues affecting a diverse range of Greenwoodians. Do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss what Greenwood is doing well and what we can do better. I look forward to continuing to sit down with you between now and November 6th and, if fortunate enough, for the next four years.

Thank you, and, if you feel inclined, please share this.

Brandon Smith

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