As did many of you, I fell in love with Greenwood as a child.  In fact, I even wrote an essay in the fifth grade about how I wanted to be mayor when I grew up.  Our non-partisan municipal election process and the prospect of actually making a difference, rather than getting mired in partisan politics, is what led me to throw my hat in the ring for Mayor of Greenwood. 

After law school, I was fortunate to land a job in the Florence office of a large statewide law firm.  However, the desire to return to my hometown always remained.  My wife, my three boys and I were delighted to move back to Greenwood in 2013 because we believe it is an exciting time to work in Greenwood and be a Greenwood resident.  Mayor Nicholson, Mayor Adams and many other community leaders laid the foundation for the thriving Uptown scene that we now enjoy, and it is imperative that we elect a mayor that has a plan to keep that momentum going.  Of course, Lander University is and always has been a great source of local pride, along with Piedmont Tech. 

While Uptown, the festivals and our colleges are some of Greenwood’s many bragging points, we must be mindful of the other areas around town that may feel neglected or forgotten.  In that regard, safe areas for recreation should be available to all of the youth in our community.  I am eager to roll up my sleeves and work toward providing recreational and cultural opportunities to EVERYONE in Greenwood.  Combating youth/young adult violence is my number one priority.  Together, we can and WILL solve this complex problem.  I look forward to working with our community and hometown heroes for a solution and bridging the gap between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

You deserve a mayor with a plan to continue Greenwood's growth and development.  Local leaders must work to dispel any negative perceptions or realities regarding crime, housing and our educational system so that our workforce chooses to live in Greenwood County, rather than choosing to commute.  I am honored to have received the endorsement of the Greenwood Association of Realtors Legislative Committee, who understand my vision of LIVE HERE. WORK HERE. WORSHIP HERE.  This tagline represents the need for Greenwood County residents to have sufficient options in Greenwood County and to exercise those options.  I have the experience and legal background to work with leaders of industry and government to ensure that Greenwood is welcoming to businesses.  As a lawyer, I understand the importance of mentoring those that have been rehabilitated and, when appropriate, expunging records to give second chances.  I support the programs run by our Eighth Circuit Solicitor's Office. 

Along with many others, my family enjoys showcasing Greenwood as a clean and welcoming city.  We look forward to working with organizations like Keep Greenwood County Beautiful in organizing sustainable coordinated efforts to keep Greenwood trash-free.  Another way to ensure that Greenwood is an appealing place to live and visit is code enforcement.  We must prevent absentee landlords from allowing their properties to be a blight on our beautiful city.  My family and I understand the direct correlation between beautification, decreased crime and improved quality of life.      

I have been enjoying getting around to all neighborhoods in Greenwood. If you see me around, please let me know the issues that are on your mind.  I have many ideas, but I strive to listen more. 

While we are not perfect and will strive to rectify our weaknesses, we live in a wonderful city that has produced and continues to produce hard-working and talented individuals, leaders and icons in their fields. Finding the answers will not always be easy, but I will work tirelessly with city and county counterparts to come up with creative solutions to our issues. 

With a number of exciting announcements regarding industrial investments in Greenwood and the expansion and ultimate connection of the Greenwood Genetic Center to Uptown, the actions we take now will have a lasting effect on our city for years to come.  YOU deserve a mayor that is passionate, qualified, available and invested in Greenwood.  I encourage strong voter participation and respectfully ask for your vote on November 6, 2018. 






The safety of everyone in Greenwood is my top priority.

Cleaning up

 My family and I have come to understand the direct correlation between cleaning up and improved quality of life.


I look forward to collaborating with community partners to grow and responsibly develop Greenwood. 

Josh Norman

Steven Galloway

Marler Askew

Trentsie Williams

Tara Calhoun

Gary Agardy

Michael Fisher

Jane Merrill

Zach Calhoun

Angel Andino

Granger Smith

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